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The Dominion Hotel Group

Responsible Gambling:

This Venue is committed to providing the highest standards of customer care and responsible gambling. Our Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct describes how we do this. It is our aim that all our customers that wish to partake in gambling do so responsibly.

Our venues and staff adhere to the Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct and we make the Code available to patrons by displaying it clearly in the gaming rooms in our venues. You can download a copy of the Code in English, and also in several community languages under the 'Responsible Gambling' TAB on each of the venue sites.

Rules and regulations pertaining to the safe and responsible playing of electronic gaming machines, payment of winnings policies, self-exclusion programs, and Gambler’s Help support group contact details are clearly signed throughout our venues.

Responsible gambling in a regulated environment is when consumers have informed choices and can exercise a rational and sensible choice based on their circumstances. It means a shared responsibility with collective action by the gambling industry, government, individuals and communities.